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The City of Johnsonville Event Committee will be planning and organizing events for Johnsonville, SC. This will include our annual Heritage Festival and the Johnsonville Christmas Parade. As well as other events to help bring our citizens together and provide new ways of becoming more active as a community.

Johnsonville, South Carolina Region

Johnsonville, y’all, it’s sittin’ pretty in Florence County, right in the heart of eastern South Carolina. This here spot’s considered part of the “lowcountry,” and it’s a stone’s throw away from the famous “grand strand.” Let me tell ya, it’s a real gem of South Cackalacky, offering all sorts of fun and excitement for both locals and folks passin’ through.

So, y’all come on down to Johnsonville and experience the charm of the lowcountry. We’ll show y’all a good ol’ time, Southern-style!

Now, we got ourselves a whole mess of recreation, shoppin’, grub, spectatin’ sports, and other activities for y’all to enjoy. And if you’re into fishin’ and boatin’, well, you’re in luck! We got five rivers ’round these parts: Lynches, Great Pee Dee, Little Pee Dee, Black, and Waccamaw. Plus, we ain’t too far from them Santee lakes. So, whether you’re after some fresh-water fishin’ or fancy yourself a salt-water or deep-sea angler, we got the spots for ya. Head on over to Winyah Bay, Murrell’s Inlet, or even the mighty Atlantic Ocean, and you’ll be in fishin’ heaven.

Once y’all done explorin’ every nook and cranny of our fair city, why not venture out to our neighborin’ towns? Myrtle Beach, Florence, Conway, Georgetown, and Lake City are all just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Trust me, you won’t be bored. There’s all sorts of beautiful gardens, cultural events, exhibits, and sportin’ events happenin’ year-round, just a few miles down the road.